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Guided Meditations to Stream or Download


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Rebecka Cooperman, NP leads a 10-minute progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Genelle Weits, PhD gives a short description of a breath focused practice followed by a 5 minute guided breathing space meditation.

Three Minute Breathing Space Directions

Five Minute Breathing Space Meditation

Genelle Weits, PhD leads a 25-minute mindfulness meditation with attention to breath, physical sensations, sounds and thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation
Jeffrey Zlotnik, Founder of The Meditation Initiative, leads a 17 minute basic, breath-focused meditation. This simple practice is great for those who are curious about meditation but never seem to have found the time. Learn about the common misunderstandings of meditation and the basics needed to develop a daily practice. Basic Breathing Meditation
Fay McGrew, MA, QTP (Medical Qigong) Certified Qigong Teacher at NMCSD leads a 27 minute mindfulness practice including body relaxation scan, breathing exercises, guided imagery and positive affirmation for self healing, ending with silent meditation. Qigong for Stress Reduction: Meditation for Deep Relaxation by Fay McGrew, MA, QTP (Medical Qigong)
This guided imagery exercise is intended to help the individual learn the benefits and simplicity of "sitting and breathing." In addition, as individual participates in this exercise, the goal is learn to achieve the same relaxation state unassisted while focusing on their own breathe. Guided imagery is used to assist the individual in learning this process and will need to be practiced daily to achieve an unassisted relaxation state. The Journey, a relaxation meditation with guided imagery by Efland Amerson PsyD
Rebecka Cooperman, NP leads a 13 minutes body scan meditation, a meditative technique focusing your attention on different parts of the body in sequence. Body Scan by Rebecka Cooperman, NP
CDR William Byers, PMH-NP leads you in a 15 minute combination of passive muscle relaxation and guided imagery. I Am Relaxed
Nicole Champagne, LCSW leads a 16 minute guided imagery meditation of a pleasant walk through the woods. Imagery is most effective when your focus incorporates all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. A Walk in the Woods

HM1 Alexander R. Brown leads a 12-minute simple bust effective relaxation techniques followed by a guided imagery meditation designed to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Relax Relax