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Who Should Use This Website


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Who Should Use This Website

San Diego’s Healthcare Providers

This website can be used by all of San Diego’s healthcare providers looking to connect their patients to community health and social services. The various filters allow a provider to quickly narrow their search to appropriate services for their patients.


The Marine Corps' and Navy's Medical Home Port Teams in San Diego County

This website contains a comprehensive list of health and social services available to military beneficiaries both on and off San Diego’s military bases and medical facilities. Therefore, it is an ideal search engine and tool for Medical Home Port Teams to connect their patients with health and social services


Network Providers Serving the San Diego County Military Community

This website also serves as an excellent resource for network healthcare providers in the San Diego community who may serve the military and veteran populations. The portal provides network providers with a searchable database that takes away any confusion over what services their military beneficiary patients can take advantage of. Network providers do not need to go hunting around multiple military facility and base websites – they can just come to this website and search for the specific service they would like to recommend for their patient.


San Diego’s Community

San Diego’s community members, both military and non-military, are welcome and encouraged to use this site as a resource to find programs and organizations that can help them achieve their own health goals. The search inputs are easy to identify and will allow non-medical professionals to quickly find programs and social services that may be useful to assist them in achieving optimal health.